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  • Thursday's Loving Sex Tip!

    Posted on September 27 2018

    Loving Sex Tip: Inhibited about sexting? Start with something simple and to the point like, I want you right now.€      

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  • The Vegas Rule

    Posted on September 19 2018

    The Vegas Rule Dr. Patti Britton, a Sex Coach helping thousands of couples enhance sexuality through her books and workshops, recently sponsored an erotic getaway for couples. The purpose was...

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  • Wednesday's Loving Sex Tip!!

    Posted on September 05 2018

    Loving Sex Tip: Schedule your next sex time. It may not be spontaneous, but the anticipation alone will add to your arousal.

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  • Today's Loving Sex Tip!!

    Posted on August 29 2018

    Loving Sex Tip: Invest in a sex game and play it. Dice, cards or board games can provide laughs that lead to great sex.

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  • Monday's Loving Sex Tip !!

    Posted on August 27 2018

    Loving Sex Tip: Sexy scents: the aroma of lavender can increase blood flow, and a cucumber-scented sachet by your bed smells romantic.

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  • Giving Good Head

    Posted on August 22 2018

    Giving Good Head There’s a lot more to this subject than one blog can cover, but getting some helpful tips from experts is always a good start. Kim Airs, founder...

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  • Today's Steamy Sex Tip !!

    Posted on August 16 2018

    Loving Sex Tip: Don’t just settle for a quickie, make it the goal. Sometimes a simple short romp is what both partners want.

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  • Tantric Breathing as a Sexual Pathway

    Posted on April 24 2018

    One of the hallmarks of Tantra as a sexual path is breathing. Trying the breathing technique below can make you feel anchored and centered and confident about how you can...

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  • The Art of Sex Therapy

    Posted on September 04 2017

    Tips and techniques on massage for women abound online, but more than just a physical action, massage is also a type of therapy, sex therapy if you will, and the...

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  • Best Sex Positions for Women

    Posted on August 16 2017

    Lack of imagination lets sex grow dull. It becomes like white bread – it will feed you but it won’t excite the taste buds. Sure, we all need to eat,...

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  • The Modern Kama Sutra

    Posted on August 08 2017

    The Modern Kama Sutra is a new twist on ancient traditions, showing couples how to find ecstasy as lovers and as partners. It is perfect for creating a sizzling sex...

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  • Getting Started with Erotic Yoga

    Posted on January 09 2017

    When you’re in the mood to try something different in the bedroom, it can be difficult to think of something on the spot. After all, once you’re turned on, it’s...

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