Lack of imagination lets sex grow dull. It becomes like white bread – it will feed you but it won’t excite the taste buds. Sure, we all need to eat, but who wouldn’t appreciate a 5-star chef making dinner a couple of times a week?

 Most couples reach a point in their relationship when the question, “How can we spice up our sex life?” is a good question to ask. Even satisfying, orgasmic sex can suffer from too much routine. If you’re on auto pilot while cruising for the big O, your sex life needs a tune up.

 This is where learning about the Best Sex Positions in Bed, and in particular, the Best Positions for Women can be an important step in keeping sexual juice in your lives. If you want to kick it up a notch and enjoy a sex life that does more than satisfy the biological urge to merge, you need special ingredients, and knowing and trying a variety of different positions will make it sweet and saucy.

Believe it or not, great tips on the basics of creative love making and new positions to try can be found in the practice of yoga. Books like Intimate Yoga for Couples by Mishabae, are built around both the spiritual aspect of relationships and sensual routines for great sex. 

 You start with simple accessible yoga postures made for intensified pleasure, and then explore more advanced techniques for the daring. Some of the sexual positions demand a certain level of physical fitness; the more advanced Kama Sutra-style positions are meant to be looked at as a source of inspiration. You take what you can use from them and if you need to, create a less complex variation of the sex position for yourselves. The “Best Sex Positions in Bedare often ones that are not really done in bed… and theBest Positions for Womencan be routine-busting choices that the man ends up enjoying just as much as the woman! 

 Remember...every couple is different in size, shape, height and personality, and has their own twist on what’s hot. You should always feel free to adjust any sexual positions you want to try according to the fit and of your bodies and your personal preferences. In this way, the wisdom of the ages can inspire new techniques and new positions. Make one up and name it for yourselves. Make it your own.

 Don’t be shy. Dive in and get wet.

Take a moment to look at the anatomy of a sexual encounter.Sex, when you get right down to it, is about penetration. All the other things we do to get hot and wet enough to make that happen pleasurably for both is part of making love, but is not by definition sex.

Most sexual positions, most notably those in the Kama Sutra, have one purpose incommon - to change the angle of penetration. It’s not all about the guy, because sex positions make all the difference to a woman.The angles a woman’s body is in when a man enters her can maximize sexually arousing friction and let a man touch her in sensitive spots that are rarely reached. The positioning of her hips and legs also affect the openness of the vagina and tilt of the woman’s pelvis.

Put it all together and she’ll be moaning so loudly that you’ll wake up the neighbors.

If that’s what you want, research sex positions and try something new.


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