The Modern Kama Sutra is a new twist on ancient traditions, showing couples how to find ecstasy as lovers and as partners. It is perfect for creating a sizzling sex life and beautiful lifestyle. The Kama Sutra can be considered one of the first types of Sex Education for Women or Sex Education for Couples.

 The original Kama Sutra was written in India by the Hindu philosopher Vatsyayana, who is believed to have lived during the 4th to 6th centuries CE (or Common Era.) It is difficult to fix the exact date of either Vatsyayana or his work, but it is well-known that this is an old, ancient text for love making, and a way of living. It was only translated into English in the 1880’s, so in terms of how we can understand it, it’s only been around for a relatively short period of time. But it has teachings that will last forever.

What makes it so important today is that it focuses on the fact that sex is all about energy. That natural flow of energy that connects us one to the other is what the Kama Sutra is built on. And that’s what makes sex delicious. Books, classes, and Sex Education DVDs all often borrow information from the Kama Sutra.

 It is also based on something all couples need to know, and that is: Her Pleasure First.

 The Kama Sutra teaches things that allow men to adequately – and hopefully more than that, at a higher level - pleasure the female in a way that makes her more aroused and more ready than ever for sex. Then the man gets to share that with her! That’s what makes it so special. It is a way of relating to your beloved… to your partner, to your mate, to your lover… in a way that presents an opportunity to fully connect with someone. That is really quite exciting.

 It is wonderful to think that you can bring your full self into connecting with your partner. To know that you can learn to explore the full range of pleasures in which you’re minds, your emotions, your bodies, and your spirits can connect.

 The ancient Kama Sutra also focuses on the force of passion and carnal desire. Passion is that energy – the sexual energy – that is life-flow energy when we unlock our sexual spirits. That’s the essence of the Kama Sutra.

 You can learn a lot about this essence of the Kama Sutra in books, or Sex Education DVDs like The Modern Kama Sutra by the Alexander Institute, hosted by renowned sex expert Dr. Patti Britton. There are also many sites that offer online Sex Education for Women, or Sex Education for Couples.

 The Kama Sutra teaches us about the sexual response cycle. This means where we are, and how long it takes us to go from start to finish, or how long it takes to go from arousal to orgasm. We all have different timing, and that is one important reason to use these teachings. An especially important teaching says focus on the woman’s pleasure first, because women burn more slowly than men. Take a moment and take that in.

This is one of many people’s favorite teachings of the Kama Sutra. It reminds us that in order to be a good lover you can’t just pop in the door and say, “Hi honey, I’m home –let’s do it!”  No way!  It doesn’t work quite like that!

 Remember:  there’s a buildup, there’s preparation, and it’s important to “pleasure her first.”

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