Advanced Tantric sex secrets can move you into a dimension that takes you on a journey with your partner. It is meditative, spiritual, emotional, and physical. It may even be transformation.You approach Tantric sex the same way you approach the Tantra itself.

Tantra is not just about advanced sex positions. It is about ritual. Ceremony, or ritual, matters, because our attitudes, our emotions, where our mind is, and even our spirit itself, need to get activated and put into alignment. So first, become quiet inside.

Stillness is an important part of the Tantric journey. The journey can start with a focus on the symbols of Male and Female. It can be as simple as lighting two candles, one which represents the Male, and one representing the Female. So you begin this journey together by awakening the flame of male and female in these candles. We awaken the Divine Male and the Divine Female that lives within each of us, and this allows us to connect with that Divine Force.

Tantra is so much about the uniting of the Male and the Female energies, and advanced sex positions are part of its overall teachings. But it is also about an intertwining within ourselves,and between us and our partner – the inner Male and Female, and the universe’s Male and Female principles. On the Tantric journey, you strive to be your highest selves. You open your mind, your emotions, your bodies, your senses and your spirit, for an ecstatic, blissful journey.

Tantric Sex Guide

Tantra is not only about advanced Tantric sex secrets, although they are surely a part of it!  Tantra is actually over 5000 years old! It wouldn’t exist today if it didn’t work - so there’s something very precious and ancient about this teaching. There’s something else that we need to honor, which is that it comes from India. It comes from Nepal, it comes from Tibet, and it was only a few decades ago that we in the United States even learned about Tantra.

One thing that’s important to focus on is that there is no one right way to do Tantra. So how do we bring in some of that ancient feeling? With ritual.That’s why ritual is so important. That’s why starting your Tantric experience with something as simple as lighting candles works. Your candles emanate Male and Female as the Divine Male and the Divine Female. Learning how to access, harness and merge those energies is a very good first step in understanding the Divine Male and Female of Tantra.


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