When you’re in the mood to try something different in the bedroom, it can be difficult to think of something on the spot. After all, once you’re turned on, it’s hard to think straight. It’s not really the best time to sit down and brainstorm. That’s why I’m recommending you familiarize yourself with erotic yoga now, when you’re calm, cool, and collected. 

Yoga is a spiritual system but when performed in an intimate setting with your partner, it can take you to new heights. There are several aspects that make erotic yoga a worthwhile pursuit. For starters, it can make your body limber and flexible enough to attempt new sexual positions. The focus required can clear your mind and make you a more attentive lover. But when you combine these aspects together through the act of practicing with your partner, you add new sensual delights to your sex skills arsenal.

When you practice erotic yoga together, you bring greater intimacy to your relationship and make it so you become more in tune with each other’s needs. You will find greater connectedness, greater physical stamina, and more through dedicated practice of deep breathing, asanas, solo and partner positions, and poses designed specifically to make for sexy good fun.

Erotic Yoga for Couples

Instead of trying to dive into erotic yoga practice on your own, you can explore it through a guided video. We actually offer a DVD called Erotic Yoga for Couples that explains in great detail how to practice yoga positions together that you will find quite pleasurable. Remember: It’s all about connecting physical pleasure with intimacy and spirituality.

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