One of the hallmarks of Tantra as a sexual path is breathing. Trying the breathing technique below can make you feel anchored and centered and confident about how you can synchronize your breathing with your partner.

Start by facing your partner. Both of you should breathe naturally. But when you are ready to focus on your breath, you’re going to start breathing differently. And that can make you nervous.  You feel like, “My gosh, what’s wrong with my breathing? I’m not breathing my normal way.”

And really, the main reason you’re not breathing the “normal way” is because you’ve become aware of it. Breathing is generally an automatic, involuntary function, so as soon as you focus on it, it becomes out of the norm. 

That’s okay. Just relax into it and take a few deep breaths to get centered if you need to. The idea is to get in touch with your breathing pattern. Next, focus on the breathing pattern of your beloved. And synchronize with that. Feel him or her inhaling and exhaling. Maybe you want to cozy in and listen if you can’t feel or hear the breath.

In The Modern Tantra, sexologist and sex coach Dr. Patti Britton suggest trying the beloved eye-to-eye gaze. This means gazing into the left eye of your partner. In Eastern tradition, the left eye is considered the feminine or receptive eye. Gazing into the left eye allows each partner to let the energy in, and to be in a receptive mode. You honor your partner, connecting with them, and linking up your breath.

Prahna is breath. It is the energy of life. It’s your life-force that you breathe in with each inhalation, and exhale into the universe. It’s what keeps you alive, and now you’re sharing that in synchrony with your beloved.

This will lead you into maybe the best hook up you’ve ever had! You learn about your mindset, your attitudes, and your emotions - all open up and are shared with your partner. You bring your full self into your relationship and your lovemaking, and raise them both to a higher level.

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