Giving Good Head

There’s a lot more to this subject than one blog can cover, but getting some helpful tips from experts is always a good start.

Kim Airs, founder of Grand Opening! Sexuality boutique, also online at, has been teaching sexuality classes since 1995 and is a charter member of ISSWSH and a certified sex educator. She is also one of the hosts of the DVD “The Art of Advanced Oral Sex – Giving Mind-Blowing Pleasure to Him and Her!”

One thing Kim advises is to find out what you can do with your mouth without sticking your tongue out. You can do amazing things with your tongue inside of your mouth. Shape it like a sharp tongue... a Fat tongue... or try Flicking it. It can be fun and entertaining to do in front of a bathroom mirror, figuring out that you can do all of this inside your mouth, with your tongue.

Next, imagine putting just the head of the penis into your mouth, hitting the frenulum area. The frenulum is the sweet spot where the underside of the head meets the shaft, and is sometimes referred to as the male G-spot… or one of the male G-spots, the other being the prostate.

So use your tongue on the frenulum. Flicking or licking or sucking or putting pressure, even putting a finger on the frenulum, can create great ecstasy for a man. Using your own variety of skills is a great way to go.

You can do all these techniques without him seeing them, at all. But he will totally feel them because all these tongue actions are concentrating on that one area. You can add in the flicking motion underneath, and then add sucking - that works really well in combination.

There’s another great technique called “hot breath, cool breath.” That means when you exhale with your mouth partly closed, like a whistle, it’s a cooler breath, and when you exhale with your mouth open, it’s a hotter breath. So when you’re licking, or when the area is wet, it can be quite intense to send a little “hot breath, cool breath” to the penis.  You actually blow during a blowjob, so that’s kind of fun too.


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