The Vegas Rule

Dr. Patti Britton, a Sex Coach helping thousands of couples enhance sexuality through her books and workshops, recently sponsored an erotic getaway for couples. The purpose was to learn how to awaken the passion in a relationship, learn new techniques, explore sensuality and sexuality, and learn how to re-spark the great feelings that you once had as a couple but have maybe dulled.

Couples all need a chance to play, try out new things, and learn how to enhance their wonderful connection. Breaking out of the usual routine can be the best way to embrace more erotic energy and feel more excited and more passionate. Most couples agree that there are times in their relationship where they would love to have new ideas, to spark variety, to connect more, and experience more passion.

One of her fun tips for an erotic getaway is to implement “The Vegas Rule.”  You have to feel safe with your partner. To feel like this is your time to grow and share with each other, to take chances and try out new activities, and to reveal your deep self. In order to feel the freedom to break out of your sexual routine, you both agree to The Vegas Rule – what happens in this room, stays in this room.

This is your time to grow and to share with each other.  Maybe there are some little knots going on in your sexual relationships that you want to unravel. This is the safe place to do that. Your getaway is a place to learn and grow, and have a lot of fun. Take the opportunity to try out new activities.

The Vegas Rule protects you in your getaway room, and encourages you to be honest - with yourself and with each other. It gives you a chance to come from a place of authenticity, which is a great place to be in a relationship.

It is a time to share anything and everything. You may want to say something to each other that you’ve never said before, and your getaway provides an opportunity to do that too. You set your own personal boundaries, and anything within those boundaries is your chance to get turned on in lots of new ways. Push the envelope further and further, and open up the dynamic of your relationship. Let The Vegas Rule help you drop your inhibitions.


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