The Art of Oral Sex on Women

For many women, oral sex is the primary way they reach orgasm. Since the clitoris is the primary female sex organ, and women need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation to become orgasmic, it is often oral sex as opposed to intercourse that is their favorite path to arousal.

Alicia Denchasy says if women want to know their bodies well, the clitoris is the number one thing to explore. Alicia and her husband Ian are a married couple and founders of, a popular couples-oriented website featuring product reviews, timely articles, and provocative discussion. They are also the authors of “The Art of Oral Sex.”

It’s necessary to understand your own body, and your own clitoris, and what works best for you in order to become aroused, if you want to let your partner know how you like it. Every woman is different, so you can’t expect your partner to just know.

A clitoris can be different shapes, sizes, colors, widths, lengths, everything. Some have a hood, some no hood. All of them are normal, no matter what yours looks like.

Some women love it if a guy goes straight to the clitoris. Attacking it with fervor and vigor may be just what works for you. But if not, you have to let your partner know what’s better. Many women like to forget the clit for a while and have the man play around with the other areas of their vagina.

Try stimulating the vestibule. The entrance of the vagina is called the vestibule, that is the actual medical term, and the vestibule can be a real hot spot for a woman.

Or switch directions. Licking across the vagina is pleasurable for some women, as is stimulating the perineum, which is the area at the end of the vagina, before the anus.

And don’t forget the G-spot area, inside the vagina, which can also figure into oral sex by being manually stimulated with a finger or toy for added pleasure.

Vary your technique on yourself while masturbating, and you’ll know how to best guide your partner to lead you to an exquisite orgasm.


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