If you want to get right down to some true facts about women and orgasm, one of the most important first steps is to be in harmony with her. Start by slowing everything down, because slowing it down is one of the secrets to getting in harmony with your partner.


It doesn’t just start with positions, although there are many sex position tips for women available. Before you get to that, let’s look at how you can bring other different elements into your relationship… unusual things that make the whole experience more erotic. The more eroticism you add, the more a woman will be aroused and ready for sex, and one of the key facts about women and orgasm is that her state of arousal is a main factor in how much she enjoys the actual sex act.

Being erotic doesn’t necessarily mean being sexual. But there is a continuum, from sensuality, to erotic to sexual. There is a continuum of touch, and a continuum of how we act, what we say, what we do, how we look, how we walk, how we talk. The erotic can be anywhere in that continuum.Like trying sex outdoors.

It doesn’t necessarily mean having full-out sex on a rock, for example (although it can!) It means allowing yourselves to be open to that possibility. It might mean just teasing or kissing, or putting your hand on something, or down something. Couples talk about wonderful experiences they have had in their back yard, or on a balcony, or even in public elevators. One couple enjoyed the beach, and some of their most special memories are from when they first started dating and would lie on the sand together listening to the sounds of the surf. It was very relaxing to their senses, and it sometimes led to making love on the beach.

May be this doesn’t appeal to you because you’re not an “outdoors”person. Many people are more indoor types. If you’re just not an outdoors person, and would never consider being erotic outside in any way at all, that’s okay too. You’re entitled to that! No one should ever push you into something you don’t want to do, or don’t feel comfortable doing.

But it is something to think about, even if only in a fantasy, and you may find yourself slowly warming up to the idea.Getting away from the city and into nature can be quite refreshing. You can feel the energy from the trees and the smells of nature all around you. Tuning into the beauty and letting your senses open up to it makes some people feel free and uninhibited.

Sex outdoors, or in any new and different place indoors,adds a new level of eroticism to your sex life. It can lead you to consider coming up with lots of ways to vary your sexual activity, and not simply rely on sex position tips for women. It’s not just the position; it’s where you get into that position that can be a huge gateway to arousal!

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