The best sex tips for women always include oral sex tips. Oral sex is very important in a relationship, especially for women, because the clitoris is the primary sex organ in a female. For most women, in order to become orgasmic, they need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation. A lot of times oral sex is simply viewed as a way of getting to intercourse, but the act of oral sex can be in and of itself the actual sexual encounter – the goal.

It’s another kind of couples’ enhancement, and you need to be schooled and skilled, just as in many other aspects of sexual play. It’s not something that you just go and do. You have to learn how. And that’s why looking at DVDs or VODs or looking at books is so important for couples and individuals because education is the key to play safe.

One thing not to forget, especially during oral sex, is that the clitoris actually has nerve legs. The clitoris continues in between the inner and outer lips, and sometimes you can feel it, it feels like little dental floss... like threads of dental floss. And that area is great to stimulate during oral sex.

You can actually stimulate the clitoris by going on the sides of the inner labia. Also, if she happens to be really sensitive, you can use the clitoral hood to stimulate. That’s something a lot of guys don’t realize. They want to lift up the hood and lick the clitoris, and in a lot of women that’s really intense. It will make her last a little longer when you also fool around the clitoral hood, as well as use the other parts around the inner labia.

Most guys go straight to the clitoris, but one of the best oral sex tips is to take your time and include more of her vagina. Also, positioning matters.

Most partners approach their female partner with their head up, and go up and down with the tongue. But there’s a very effective method that puts partners perpendicular to each other. By licking across – without stopping - until she begins to exhibit some symptoms of pleasure, you can create a more rapid and more intense orgasm. This is one of the best sex tips for women to remember too… try a different position.

Oral sex can be done in various ways, and experimenting with different techniques is essential for her pleasure. All of a woman’s genital area is very sensitive. So forget the clit once in a while and play around the rest of the vagina. You’ll find what works best for you partner, and it’s amazing how big a turn-on it is for you, when you see your partner experience new heights of pleasure.


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