Top 10 Masturbation Tips for Couples

On today’s agenda, a quick, down and dirty list to get couples talking about what they enjoy when they a slip a hand into their underwear when they think no one is looking.

Hot Masturbation Tips Couples Can Enjoy Together

  1. Make sure you’re both on board. This is normally a solo activity, so it’s normal to be a little uncomfortable at first. Ensure your partner really wants to explore this before pursuing it.
  2. Use a blindfold. If feeling like you’re on display is a problem, wear a blindfold. It can allow you to sink into your comfort zone much more easily and get down to business with more enthusiasm.
  3. Take turns. Getting caught up in your own pleasure is nice, but it can take away from the visual stimuli in front of you. Take turns masturbating to ensure you see all there is to see.
  4. Take notes. There’s no greater way to learn masturbation tips on how to please your partner than to watch him or her get off. Watch how he holds his hand. Are his strokes shallow or deep? Does she rub her clit directly or just the clitoral hood? Pay attention!
  5. Use toys. There’s more to masturbation than your hands. Break out the toys and take turns using them on each other. You’ll learn more about what your partner likes (and you like) this way.
  6. Experiment with dirty talk. Another of our masturbation tips is to play with dirty talk. Say something positively naughty in his ear to ramp up the pleasure factor.
  7. Keep your hands to yourself. Lying next to each other and just going to town might seem clinical at first, but not being able to touch one another can actually be pretty hot.
  8. Switch! When you’re just too turned on to continue, play with mutual masturbation. It is a form of sex, you know.
  9. Be daring. Who says you have to stick to masturbating in bed? Do it in the car or in public if you want. But be careful!
  10. Relax. It’s normal for this to be weird at first. But with a little practice, masturbating as a couple can be added to your list of ways to be intimate.

We hope you enjoyed these quick masturbation tips!

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