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We recently had an article published over at Kinkly about the science and psychological roots of exhibitionism. Go read that if you want an in depth analysis of this particular kink. However, if you just have a cursory interest in the practice, we’re covering the basics today.

What is Exhibitionism?

Exhibitionism: The Basics

So, as you likely already know, exhibitionism is the act of whipping it out, basically. I mean, it’s the public display of your genitals, breasts, or buttocks in situations where these parts of your body would normally be covered up. When driven by compulsion this behavior is described as a paraphilia or sexual disorder. However, if the thought of exposing yourself is just really hot and something you’d like to do, but it’s not something you feel like you have to do, you’re just a little kinky. And really, who isn’t?

Mooning, flashing, and streaking all count as exhibitionist behaviors. However, none of these are all that sexy. To satisfy your fantasy to expose a little more of yourself than usual, consider getting your partner in on the fun. You could skip the underwear and wear a skirt, occasionally spreading your legs for a little excitement. Or, you could opt to have sex in a public place like on a beach or in a car. These can be dangerous activities since there’s a risk of being caught, but often that risk makes the act all the more thrilling.

Still another idea is to have sex in a place where there is a risk you could get caught–like a bathroom. Not the most sanitary place, but knowing someone could walk in at any moment, hear you moaning, or even sneak a peek through the crack in the stall doors is a hot prospect.

There you have it! Your primer in exhibitionism and a few sexy tips to go along with it.

Image source: ninjournal

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