Thai massage is a form of massage that involves stretching the body. The emphasis isn’t on rubbing or stroking the body, rather, the masseuse moves the body into a variety of positions while applying pressure on specific areas. It can be quite relaxing. Couples may find it to be very sensual, especially when practiced as a form of foreplay.

Thai Massage: The Basics

What’s Involved in a Thai Massage?

Typically, the recipient of the Thai massage will wear comfortable clothing and lie on the floor. The masseuse positions the recipient into poses while applying rhythmic pressure to various parts of the body across the Sen lines, which are similar to meridians. Sometimes, the masseuse will use his or her feet to do the massaging.

It is very relaxing and can be easily adapted for sexual play. Basically, the techniques used in the massage are still the same and it still provide the same energizing benefits. However, a level of sensuality is added to bring couples closer together and to build intimacy.

Often, practitioners of sensual Thai massage will do so in the nude, so that each embrace and prolonged pose becomes sexually charged. Couples could even play with the yoga-like poses of the massage as challenging sexual positions. The rhythmic pressure element remains the same but gains slow, methodical stroking to further relax and excite your partner. Use hot oil to make the effect of pressing against one another even more intimate and satisfying.

We’ve actually detailed how to perform this kind of massage as a couple in our video, Thai Massage for Lovers. It’s explicit and acts as an erotic piece of filmmaking on its own, beyond the instructional component. So, enjoy the couple in the video bend each other over backwards then try it yourselves at home. Trust us: it’ll be fun.

Image Source: Thomas Wanhoff

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