Guest Post on Exhibitionism up at Kinkly

I wrote a little guest post for the lovely people over at It’s called The Science of Exhibitionism and it’s pretty fun (and funny, if I do say so myself). Here’s a preview:

Exhibitionists get a bad rap. Sure, there’s a subset of people who have a compulsion to expose themselves to strangers at really inappropriate times – on a subway, on the freeway, in the grocery store – when the stranger is not at all interested in seeing their junk. However, there are many other people who simply get a thrill out of revealing parts of their bodies or having sex in public. The thought of people watching them is a big turn on.

The article goes on to discuss the many different types of exhibitionism, why people do it, the psychological variations, and how to expose yourself in a safe and consensual way. Go on it and read it!

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