One of the best ways to spice up your sex life is to try something new.  This includes experimenting with what are the best positions for females to get the most enjoyment out of sex.

There are positions where the female is on top, and so to some extent is the “giver.”

These area very significant and powerful part of how the Kama Sutra works,both the ancient and the modern. When the woman is on top,she has more control. She can control the depth and the angle of penetration and thrusting, and she can feel an energy running through her body that she otherwise might not get to experience.

There are kneeling positions, and kneeling often gives one the sensation of reverence. If you’re kneeling, and the man is behind you, he can caress and hold you in a sacred embrace. If you’re kneeling face to face, or you’re sitting on him, or you’re seated on a chair, or you’re doing all kinds of positions in various ways, they open up your energy flow and promote a sense of intimate union, connect edness, and ecstatic pleasure.

Always only do things that feel pleasurable and enable you to feel more connected and more relaxed and more in surrender. You both should learn how to make sure that a woman is pleasured clitorally, vaginally, on the G-Spot, and anally too, if you want to explore that. Whatever it is that promotes your pleasure.

 If you want to explore exotic positions in detail, check out the Kama Sutra. It offers many ways to spice up your sex life by trying not only new positions, but wonderful foreplay that gets a woman aroused and ready.

The positions begin with the classic missionary. She’s lying on her back, in receptive mode, and he’s climbing onto her, ready to take her to bliss. Most of Kama Sutra positions are male-dominant, with the exception of what they call “Female in the Male Role.” These are the best positions for females in many cases, but it can be the variety that makes one position suddenly feel better than others, so mix it up!

To have the greatest pleasure, a woman must be amply aroused before trying any unions.The deeper penetration positions allow greater pleasure for both partners. Be open to communication and discuss which positions you think will help stimulate you to reach clitoral, G-Spot, vaginal, or even anal bliss. The goal is not orgasm, but merging, unity, ecstasy, and all the pleasure you can share. Be sure to enjoy what you do, and to find the best ways to feel the best sensations your amazing bodies can bring you to experience.

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