Many online searches look for sex tips for women, and info about anal sex tips for couples. Some women become interested and aroused by fantasies centered around anal sex, like the women who related the sexual escapades below.

A Fan of my Derriere

I frequently catch my husband staring at me when I’m bending over, and when we’re making love, he tends to give a little extra attention my back side. From sensual massages to playful spanking, he’s completely enthralled. Considering his infatuation, I decided to explore anal sex tips for couples and introduce something new to our bedroom - a strand of smooth, black, silicone beads, meant for that ever-so-enticing place he calls my back door. It was a turn-on for me imagining how excited he’d be when he found them on the nightstand…

Lasting Impression

I like signing my name with the addition of a few X’s and O’s, and with the help of my favorite paddle, I can also let my lover “sign” hugs and kisses mark on my receptive behind.  Of course it’s not just about the “impression” my paddle leaves behind. The feel of the grip in the palm of his hand sends a thrill through his body, and his breath lessly relays what he’s feeling to me. The sound it makes when it contacts my willing behind, and the sound I make while receiving this attention to my sexiest area, gets me hot with desire and makes me want to make it a special night that includes anal sex. I find the pattern of the X’s and O’s on the skin erotic…an ever-changing work of art. One glimpse in the mirror at the marks and my bottom is ready for even more attention. The connection and power share with my lover remains in my mind much longer than those hugs and kisses on my skin, and we make it a night of sexy exploration.

Bend Over Baby

My husband is all man. Seductive, masculine, and everything I could ask for. He’s also adventurous, and recently we’ve explored new limits in our sex life, including new sex toys and roles. Tonight, we’re trying something different. He loosens the straps on a new sex harness that he has bought for me. He holds it up, tells me that it goes around my hips, and helps me step into it. Excitement is coursing through my body as he slides it onto my hips, tightening the buckles. I breathe out slowly as I stare down at the slender purple peg now attached to the front of my body. Tonight it’s going to be hubby’s turn to experience anal sex.  A feeling of sexual power surrounds me. He hesitates for just a moment before grabbing the bottle of lube and placing it in my hand. With a sly smile, he points to the dildo now attached to me, and he reminds me to use the lube liberally. I respond as sweetly as I can,“Don’t worry honey, I’ll be gentle.

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