The latest buzz about sex tells us that “abstinence should only be practiced in moderation.”

A safe and healthy sex life should be considered a magic bullet that inoculates not only against loneliness but improves the quality of your life and the quantity of its days. Recent studies show that sex plays a vital role in heart health, brain function and psychological well-being.

Finally...something that feels this good really is good for you! If you need encouragement to rev up your sex life read on. The life affirming joys of sex in an intimate relationship can become a potent source of healing and renewal.

Tension is released during orgasm, leaving the whole body/mind system purring with vitality. Pleasure invites deep relaxation, a condition of openness and receptivity that can elevate your consciousness by opening a window to the bliss nature of the soul.

Recent studies clearly show that a healthy sex life is about much more than procreation and recreation. Sex is tied directly to our vitality in a number of ways. Women, especially, should feel free to make sure they are experiencing orgasm. Be aware of the Best Sex Toys for Females, and how easy it now is to Buy Female Sex Toys Online. Whether you use a toy by yourself or to spice up things with your partner, don’t be afraid to try.

With your partner, enjoying mutually caring sexual intimacy causes the endocrine system to release a magic potion of neuro chemicals and hormones that pour through the body/mind.

It is this elixir of life that blesses us with that in love feeling, and is the now recognized as the new miracle drug for overall well-being.

The power of sexual pleasure can lift depression, lighten migraines, diminish physical pain, support your cardiovascular system, sharpen your senses and stabilize your emotions. Frequent sex works the muscles of the pelvic floor, easing PMS, reversing incontinence and clearing urinary tract issues in women. More reasons to Buy Female Sex Toys Online if it adds more pleasure and makes you have sex more frequently.

Spinal flexibility, so important to maintaining youthfulness and assuring longevity,is encouraged and even gained through the playful dance of your hips during sex. Every wave of pleasure ignites a similar freedom of movement in the body while promoting the flow of vital spinal fluids.

Your playful romp in between or on top of the sheets is a powerful anti-ageing treatment,making your eyes sparkle and years fall off of your face as the effects of stress are wiped away with that post coital glow. Who would have thought that the Best Sex Toys for Females are also the best – and most fun – anti-ageing device?

Frequent and powerful orgasms increase the level of the orgasm hormone, oxytocin. Your oxytocin level is linked to the personality, passion, social skills and emotional quotient (EQ), all of which affects career, marriage, emotions and social life. Orgasms are potent elixirs that encourage more sexual health because they empower our pituitary (brain function.)

Read up and research the many ways you can improve your love life at renowned online sites like the Alexander Institute. You can find all the books, DVDs, VODs and expert advice you need.


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