When you’ve been with someone for a long time, it’s normal for your passion for one another to wane. Every relationship has its ups and downs. That being said, getting stuck in a rut is another thing altogether. There’s no reason you should get bogged down in the land of “same old, same old.” Couples sex can be just as hot as it was when you first got together.

Enhance Couples Sex

The following tips are quick to implement and really work:

    1. Have Sex Earlier in the Day. When you’re in the early stages of a relationship, your passion trumps exhaustion. But as you tack on the years, you’ll find you have less motivation to stay up late to get busy. Instead, enjoy a good romp right when you wake up in the morning or during mid-afternoon.
    2. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “Yes”. Instead of trying to sit down and figure out the specifics of what you enjoy in bed (and what you don’t) embrace the moment. When your partner does something you like, say “yes.” When he or she does something you don’t like, don’t make a peep. You’ll work hard to hear yes over and over again from each other and you’ll both walk away more sexually satisfied.
    3. Schedule It. You might be resistant at first, but there’s nothing wrong with scheduling sex. One partner will almost always want sex more often than the other and this can breed resentment over time. To prevent that from happening, schedule your intimate get-togethers. The person with the higher libido will be satisfied and the person with the lower libido won’t feel constantly accosted. Everybody wins!

So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Image Source: Sarith C

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