Oral sex is a rather brilliant thing. It is intimate, ridiculously sensual, and you don’t have to take your clothes off to get the job done. Whether it is used as foreplay or the act is performed by itself, being skilled at it is going to earn some points with him. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that there is more to giving a man oral sex than putting your jaws around his knob. To be really good at it, you have to use your tongue, your mouth, hands, and anything that can help you do the job.

Oral Sex Tips

Know the Basic Ground Rules

It is important to know the basic ground rules and what better way to learn them than to read what the guys have to say:

Refrain if you are not in the mood – To be good at it, you have to be in the mood. Your guy wants to see you having fun with it rather than seeing the look of obligation in your eyes.

Your mouth is magic – While the vagina is a wondrous thing, the mouth can do things that the vagina can’t. This means you really need to use it. Bob your head enthusiastically to then run your tongue down the shaft. Guys even like to hear smooch sounds.

Deep throating isn’t always everything – It’s amazing if you can shove a foot-long hotdog down your throat, but deep throating over and over and over tends to get a bit boring for him and you. Guys worry more about the gag reflex coming alive and causing the jaws to snap shut.

Change your technique – If you do the same oral sex routine all of the time, it’s going to get boring. There is nothing worse than being with someone who does the same thing a million times. The whole deal loses its appeal.

Get to know his penis – No, you’re not going to shake it and introduce yourself. A man’s penis has a lot of nerve endings around the tip, but he has many elsewhere. With this realization, you can make sure the entire penis is involved in oral sex and not just the head.

Don’t forget the balls – Cup them, gently rub them, and feel the weight of them. He loves those sensations and they will drive him wild.

Now that you know the ground rules, it is time for you to get to it and surprise your man with your newly found skills.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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