Even shy girls like sex, but shyness can actually be a hindrance in the bedroom. If you are shy when it comes to having sex, you may be wondering if there are any small steps that you can take to feel more comfortable. You may want to have more control and ensure your partner is as comfortable as possible around you.

Girl’s Guide to Fun in the Bedroom

First and foremost, it is important to make your partner understand that you are self-conscious. This tells them that it isn’t anything that they’ve said or done. However, you can do a little work on yourself by simply getting over the shyness. Learn how to please yourself and love and accept your body. You can do this by taking responsibility for your pleasure and your orgasm. If you feel like you can do this, then you may not need to reveal your shyness.

Getting Over Being Shy ASAP

To take the first steps toward getting over your shyness, the first thing to do is determine what turns you on. Listen to some sexy music, eat some dark chocolate, take a bubble bath, and have a glass of wine to get you in the mood. Then do the following:

Enhance all five of your senses with scented candles, feathers, erotic sounds, and flavored lubricants.

Blindfold your partner so he or she can’t see you making love to them. By removing the sense of sight, the other senses are heightened and this gives the courage to do things that wouldn’t normally be done if your partner could see.

Play a little game by writing down on a piece of paper five passionate activities you want to do and have your partner do the same. Role playing, kissing, erotic talk, oral sex, and massage may be some of the things that you choose. Each day, take turns choosing at least one activity from your list and this will help you break that shy barrier.

If your partner is shy, you will know this if he or she has difficulty facing you during sex. Your partner may also be very quiet during the act. If that’s the case, tell your partner that what they are doing is nice and try to get them to face you in some way. You can do this gradually so they are not overwhelmed by your control. Then again, shy individuals tend to like others having control. Your partner will give clues as to what suits them, just as you can give your partner clues and let them enjoy you.

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