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If you like magazines, you have probably seen some rather interesting sex tips published within their pages. Some have probably made you laugh when you read them, some probably made you laugh when you tried them, and others may have made you turn the page really fast. Then again, you probably read through them a dozen times because you just couldn’t believe that they were classified as sex tips.

The Most Terrible Sex

Yes, there are some rather wild tips out there and you have to wonder if they exist because the author seems to be reaching. However, you do have to admit that those terrible sex tips are rather fascinating, but it is best not to try them.

Do Not Try These at Home

The following are some of the outrageous sex tips that you’ve probably seen:

Eat yogurt to make your testicles larger – Yes, the testicles of mice were 5 percent bigger than those eating a regular diet. However, the testicles of man not so much. Yogurt is good for you and you should eat it, but don’t expect your balls to look like porn star balls anytime soon.

Put a donut on the love wand – If you have ever gently stuck your partner’s penis through a donut hole so you could have a good excuse to nibble at a donut, you’re brave. The sugary texture of your tongue just might add some interesting dimension to it, driving him wild. Then again, things just might get a little sticky.

Sprinkle pepper under his nose – This one could cause an issue. If you sprinkle pepper under his nose right before he orgasms, the sneezing can intensify the climax. Who thinks about hanging on to pepper during sex? Better yet, who can carefully sprinkle pepper under their partner’s nose while they are in the act? He might need an eye wash.

Insect repellant is erotic – If you are having sex out in the woods and you spray insect repellant on each other, it just flat out stinks. Anything that says to spray it on your private bits must have a hidden camera planted somewhere.

Rhinestones and body glue – If you put rhinestones on your areolas with body glue, it is best your partner keeps their mouth away or they might give new meaning to “spit or swallow.”

These are just some of the bad tips. It is probably a good idea to take the magazine tips for what they are and do the complete opposite of what they are calling for. That way the two of you can spare yourselves the embarrassment.

Image source: Flickr

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