There is no better time than to think outside of the box and step outside your comfort zone than in the bedroom with your partner. This is the time when you typically let down your hair and forget about some of the reservations that come with adulthood. In fact, you probably do things in the bedroom that would make your friends blush and you are wondering what else you can get into.

4 Sex Tricks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you really want to make them blush, there are some sex tips and tricks out there that you could educate them on. However, the one you should really be educating is your partner and with more of a “hands on” approach. In fact, there are some tips and tricks out there that you have probably never heard of that might turn the heat up a little higher in the bedroom.

It’s Time to Cross Boundaries

If you are ready to cross boundaries and have some fun, here are some sex tricks that you will most likely want to try as soon as possible:

  • Temperature tease – Take the silk panties that your man loves so much and put them in the freezer all day. When you’re ready for action, loosely wrap the soft and icy fabric around his penis and do a little stroking action. The temperature and the silky fabric create an interesting sensation. This will be quite the 15-second surprise.
  • Homemade bead play – If you are into beads or you want to be, you may have what you need at home. Wear a fake 36-inch strand of pearls around your neck all day so they are nice and warmed up. Take the necklace off, cover it with lube, and coil them around his penis, but not too snug or you may hurt him. Slide your hands in a wave motion, as well as up and down. The smooth beads will roll over the length of his penis. Note: the beads are most likely too small and not well made enough to be used as anal beads.
  • Hot and cold – Temperature changes can create interesting sensations. Drink a few sips of warm mint tea and then perform some oral sex on your partner. The menthol in the mint will create a hot sensation until you pull your mouth away, which will create a cool sensation. You can continue this tug-of-war between hot and cold for a while.
  • Frenching the nether-regions – Oral sex on a woman may seem easy to some and the same routine is followed all of the time, it seems. When going down there on a lady, pull a little French kissing action just like on her lips and that will most likely cause a little sheet grabbing, back arching, and moaning.

If you use these tricks, your partner may wonder what got into you. The good news is that they will most likely not mind because they are unique and they are fun. So get to it and don’t be afraid to try some tricks of your own.

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