So you thought you knew every trick out there to get your partner ready for more. What you may not realize is that your partner is just as sexually adventurous as you are when it comes to trying new things. This is especially true when those new things work.

Tips for Sizzling Sex

So what sorts of things can you do that you haven’t tried already? You might be surprised because while some of those things are subtle, some of them are pretty risqué.

Add to Your Sexual Prowess

Below are 10 tips that will make sex a bit more sizzling for you and your partner:

Keep the panties on – Wearing your underwear can heat up your sex session. It can bring a lot of pleasure, teasing and playing through the fabric. This will make things that much more exciting when the panties come off.

Warm breath – A little warm breath on the nape of the neck can get your partner’s motor running.

Reenact the movies – Surely you’ve seen a movie where a couple has had sex standing up. If so, then go for it.

Shower make-out session – Jump in the shower with your partner for a very quick make-out session. Before your partner gets out, go slip into some lingerie and just wait until the shower is over.

Fun in the bedroom – Before you get into the real fun, try some traditional fun like some great food in the bedroom or a board game. The goal is for someone to take their clothes off.

The shy partner – If your partner is too shy to talk about sex, put on a movie with a steamy sex scene. When the sex scene comes up, suggest that the two of you try that out. You’ll know by your partner’s reaction that it is an appealing idea.

Go public – Sometimes being dangerous can be so hot, so find a public place that is safe. Then again, you can always sneak into a restaurant bathroom or stop an elevator.

Light it up – Turn off all of the lights and explore the sensual areas of your partner’s body with a small flashlight. Go wherever you want your partner to explore.

Work on yourself – Excite yourself before the romp in the sack with music, candles, and wine. You’ll be better aroused.

Be equally active – Both partners should be equally active in the sack. Alternate taking charge and handing over control.

With those tips, you should have no problem having the sizzling sex that you have always desired.

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