While some men are not at all afraid to tell their woman what they want in the bedroom, others are less vocal. The less vocal type tends to simply go with the flow and hope for the best. This means they do not always get want they want. And yes, this also means that women have to be mind readers or simply know flat out what a man wants before she gets under the sheets with him.

What Men Want Women to Know in the Bedroom

So for the sake of knowing what a man wants and so the research can be made a little easier, below you will find tidbits that men have shared publicly regarding what they want. Some of them may surprise you and some of them may not.

Give Him What He Wants

A good rule of thumb is that if your guy seems bored or he doesn’t seem at all surprised by anything you’re doing, it’s time to try something new. Next time you have sex, study his face and reactions when you do the following:

  • Gently hold the back of his head in your hand. Guys like tender and sexy just as much as women do.
  • Add sound effects to reflect how you feel. If you want to moan, go ahead and moan. This tells him that what he is doing is very good and he’ll continue doing it. While being pleased is a goal, he also wants you to be pleased.
  • Guys like spontaneity. Don’t wear a bra and splash some water on your t-shirt while doing the dishes. Seeing your breasts through the fabric will send him over the moon in a heartbeat.
  • Guys like it when you guide their hands so they know where you want to be touched. The male brain is already hard wired to respond to this small, yet exciting, move.
  • Go for the innocent look and then rock his world in the sack. Guys tend to like the innocent-looking sex kitten.
  • Take charge. If he is lying in bed watching TV, jump on top of him. If he is sitting in his favorite recliner or lounging on the couch, “jump his bones” right then and there.
  • When he is in the shower, take it upon yourself to join him. The action can stay in the shower or it can migrate to the bedroom.

Watch your guy’s cues and you should be able to tell what he likes and what he doesn’t. When you establish what works for him, use it and use it well.

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