Did you know that your boobs can be valuable tools during sex and not just for your partner? You can get a lot of satisfaction out of using your breasts in the bedroom. They are these little seductresses that like to peek above bikini tops and lacy bras. Unfortunately, not every woman knows how she can enjoy her breasts while having sex. But the truth is that boob play has a very important role in pleasing you and your partner in the bedroom.

Your Guide to Using Your Breasts in the Bedroom

Use Your Boobs

When your partner touches your breasts, your brain releases oxytocin in your bloodstream. The result is warm and fuzzy feelings that are typically triggered by hugging and orgasms. With this chemical running rampant throughout your body, you suddenly feel a strong bonding feeling with your partner. Here are some ways you can maximize the feeling:

When on top, have your partner sit up and wrap your arms around their neck. Press your breasts against your partner’s chest. If you’re in the military position, pull your partner toward you until your nipples just graze their chest. This boosts intimacy.

Tease your breasts a little. Just as a guy can become erect, a woman’s breasts can stand at attention as well. In fact, just suggesting sexual touch can cause the breasts to fire off some rather pleasurable sensations. So have your partner rest his or her fingertips lightly on the middle of your chest and then move their hand to either one of your breasts, drawing light circles all around your chest area. Beware, you might get goose bumps.

Enjoy new sensations. Encourage your partner to touch your chest with something else, such as feathers. You can also try cool body lotion, a silky fabric, or anything that is soft.

A lot of attention tends to be paid to the areola, but it is the flesh that is right above the areola that is the most sensitive. This is where you can integrate ice cubes and then your partner can blow hot air on the area for a neat sensation.

Jump in the shower with your partner and allow the hot water to run over the breasts. The heat causes blood to come to the skin’s surface. The next step is to have your partner soap up your breasts since they’re so sensitive to touch.

Accentuate your natural curves by pushing your breasts up a little. This will make you a little less self-conscious about your cup size.

So in the end, integrating some breast play into the mix will make things a little more interesting. In all reality, you are simply going to be way more turned on and that will make the sex so much better.

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