One can fill pages and pages, and books and books, with the best sex tips for couples. Oral sex, erotic programs, new positions… all contain effective tips for increasing sexual power. And how about sex toys? There are now all kinds of elegant, luxury toys available for couples who want to explore.

Light bondage is something many couples use to bring a new level of excitement and variety to their bedroom. Maybe you want to invest in light flogging tools or some furry handcuffs. Maybe you want to buy some face paint or some sensual oils, or whatever it is that allows you to reconnect with your partner in a new, different, and even fun way.

You might want to create your own pleasure chest. Put it in the top of the closet or somewhere private where you know the kids won’t find it. Have your own pleasure chest at home. I sometimes encourage couples to think of creating this “treasure chest,” which is your own private space, whether it’s in your closet or somewhere else in the boudoir, where you keep all your arousing goodies.

Another one of the best sex tips for couples seems obvious but is often overlooked. And that’s to make sure to get away now and then. At least once a year. Find a beautiful spot that you both love - a posh resort, or a cabin or a beach… anywhere that makes you both feel relaxed and sexy. And go back every year. Or go to a different place every year. But make it part of your relationship… something special that you both look forward to.

Give yourself the chance of exploring this getaway as a sexual adventure. It’s important that you have time away from being at home and from the kinds of demands and pressures that are on everybody at home and at work. Once a year, book an erotic getaway weekend.

And when you leave, when it’s over – which a getaway always is too soon - take some of it with you, inside you. Take away with you the notion that you need to love yourselves and each other, whatever that feels like for you, however you can express that. Love is the energy and the vibration that carries us through everything and anything, and that energy also translates into better sex.

If you have that, when you reach the little road blocks or the little bumps along the way of your relationship, or the times where maybe the well is a little dry of ideas for fantasy, or you’re stressed out or you’re tired or things aren’t going well, you have that memory, that reliving of a sexy relaxing time, to carry you through. As well as the anticipation of your next trip. You can bring it right back into your sexual energy again. You can explore many effective tips for increasing sexual power in terms of specific techniques, but sex starts in the mind.  Remember that, and feed yourselves with variety and enticing memories.


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