Make Yourself The Sexy Appetizer

If your husband or partner comes home to the same thing every night, maybe you’re both getting bored. You might be a great cook, but he needs hot stuff beyond what’s in the oven.

How would he react if he came home to this one night:  a staircase strewn with surprises?

On the first step, your bra.  

On the second step, a photo of your naked breasts.

On step three, a photo of you in his favorite pair of panties.

And on step four, of course, said panties.

You can see where this is going, and he can too. Get creative, and by the time he gets to the second floor you will be all he can think of. If you’re really feeling amorous, you might even include a shot of you getting yourself started… in whatever way he knows you like best. Or dare to bare your butt and leave him a moon shot… a chuckle that cuts the pressure lets him build it up again even stronger.

That’s all it takes if you want to be the surprise waiting in bed for him.  But you can up the ante and lead him to an empty bed, and the sound of water running. Perhaps the real surprise is you waiting in the bubble bath for him, and your desire is to have him join in.

Or you might tempt him into the shower with you. Have you ever tried leaning against the glass door and rubbing your breasts against it?  I’m told the soapy white streaks they leave on the glass are damn sexy! You might get a surprise yourself when he jumps into the shower with you, clothes and all!

The point is you don’t have to buy or wear anything special to be the best appetizer any chef ever served.  Once in a while, break out of the routine and come up with your own unique four-star course.

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