The 64 Arts of the Kama Sutra

Part of what the Kama Sutra teaches is something called The 64 Arts, and each of these arts lead us to become better lovers.  

Dr. Patti Britton, past president of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), teaches a workshop on The Modern Kama Sutra that stresses the importance and pleasure of The 64 Arts. Dr. Britton is a Certified Sexuality Educator, Clinical Sexologist and Sex Coach helping thousands of couples enhance sexuality.  She teaches that The 64 Arts is part of the Kama Sutra that is not only enriching, but also fun.

One of the arts is Cooking. Another one is Preparing Food. Yes, food and its preparation are an art that can get you aroused! Use your imagination about how food preparation could lead to something more erotic and exotic. Fruit... honey... gooey, runny cheese... chocolate sauce… all have sensuous qualities.

Another way to put one of the Arts into practice is to decorate your bedroom in a way that shows you want to make it a temple for love. Add fresh flowers, a beautiful spread, or bedding and accoutrements that are sensual and alluring. These all invite an opportunity for lovemaking.

Temporary tattoos are an art. They let you share in the fun of body modification and adornment even if you’re not ready for something permanent. There are products that allow you to apply something to your lover’s skin, or your own skin, just for the night, or just for your lovemaking session. Making art out of your bodies is a way of bringing a sense of playfulness and sensuality into your relationship. And these temporary tattoos don’t involve needles or a tattoo parlor!

Music is another simple art - put on a CD that evokes romance. Or read and tell erotic stories to feel energized and ready for love after a hard day of work.

These are a just a few of the fun ways you can employ The 64 Arts. In essence, they are a component of the Kama Sutra that establishes who you are as a full person. Through them, you are encouraged to “show up” with your partner, and explore much more than the basic mechanics of everyday sex and everyday relating.

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