Sights and Sounds of Sex

Believe it or not, every time you focus on one of your senses and what brings pleasure to that sense, you improve your sex life. Nature is full of sensual opportunities, and one of the wonderful things we can bring into our sex lives to enrich them. It’s much easier than you think. Nature stimulates your senses, and you bring that heightened awareness into the bedroom with you.

Start with water, a common force of nature. Maybe you have a fountain out front, representing a waterfall, and you love both the sight and the sound of it. Savor it, especially before sex. Some people add a fountain to their living room, or next to their bed. Baths and showers also represent water’s sensual force - baths are always sexy, and showers are a good place to incorporate water into your lovemaking. Water is part of nature, and Nature herself, or itself, brings us into a state of relaxation.

Also, when we think about nature, we think about our ears. It’s not just what we see when we’re out in nature. It’s about things like walking around in the fall and hearing the crackling of the leaves. It’s a simple sound that makes us feel connected to nature, and lets us relax, and lets us quiet down. Or an unusual bird call, which is often a mating call.

We can use all of our senses in nature, but start by being more aware of the sights and sounds that put your body into a state of connectedness, which translates into being better at connecting during sex.

Beauty can be relaxing, and simply being in the presence of nature’s beauty is exciting in the sense of awakening. Awakening is in a sense getting turned on.

Many couples find huge benefits in scheduling a great sex getaway. Go to a place where you can incorporate nature and let your awareness of sights and sounds arouse you in a way you can bring back into the bedroom with you.

Maybe one of you is aroused by the literal sounds of sex, either from your partner or from another couple. That can be a real turn on, right?  Go somewhere as a chance to play and push your boundaries. Be a little bit more bold and daring. When you free yourself to relax on an erotic getaway weekend where you can fantasize about what might happen, those fantasies alone can add zing to your routine. There are so many opportunities to heighten your senses and indulge your fantasy side. Start with sights and sounds.


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