Everything in Tantra is about energy. We live in a body that is filled with energy, and when we connect with a partner, we’re connecting energetically. Learning about Tantra is learning about our own bodies as vessels or containers of energy, and how to share that energy with your partner without getting mixed up or clouded by the physicality of it.

In “The Modern Tantra” by Dr. Patti Britton, co-founder of SexCoachU.com, the premier international sex coach training and certification institute, she teaches that we sometimes get caught up in sex as the “mechanics” of it. The anatomical parts have to fit just so. “Am I doing this right?” “Am I doing this long enough?” or “Is she...?” All of those questions that we get trapped into in the body realm somehow dissolve in the Tantric experience.

In Tantra, we’re focusing not so much on the body itself, but on the body as a vehicle for expressing your energies. Tantra uses two specific terms that can be illustrated by two sacred representations of them.

The first one is called “Lingam” in Sanskrit, and this is from the ancient Indian tradition of describing male genitalia. You can use a dildo, statue or any representation as a Lingam to send that Male energy out in pure, clear light waves.

Representations of the female genitalia are called the “Yoni.” And a Yoni depiction or image sometimes even has a beautiful clitoris, because women know that the center of their sexual universe is what we sometimes call the “Pearl.” Any representation of the Yoni is a sacred object to help guide us and bring in that Divine Feminine energy.

We talk about words or terms in Sanskrit that relate to Tantra because they help express the Tantra’s sexual energy.  We sometimes talk about the Lord Shiva coming through the lingam or the Male energy. We also talk about the Divine Shakti as the Feminine principle and the Female energies.

There is so much depth to the Tantra, but you can bring Tantric sexual energy into your lovemaking in small ways as a start. Try calling each other Lord Shiva and Lady Shakti. You will be surprised how it will make you feel more connected to the essence of the sexuality of Tantra teaching.



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