For women, the focus in the Kama Sutra is on sensuality, or sensual love, because letting all the senses open up to your sensual side is the precursor to sexuality.

Women are the goddesses and it is the woman who needs to be honored and worshiped by the man, so that she is fully aroused and ready for you when you make love. The Kama Sutra can be an awesome resource for exploring Best Positions for Women, or the Best Sex Positions in Bed in general.

Some of the positions - or unions – of the Kama Sutra are difficult – can’t lie about that! Some positions are very advanced, because in the days when the Kama Sutra was written, people did Yoga all the time. Yoga builds suppleness and flexibility, stamina and strength. It works us from the inside out. So you’ll have an easier time with these more advanced positions if you’re already a “yogini” - which is the feminine form corresponding to the masculine “yogi.”

Yoginis are known to possess a steadfast mind cultivated through the disciplined pursuit of transcendence, an idea that is central to the practice of yoga. And even if you’re not a yogi or yogini, if you keep your spirit and mind and heart open you will enjoy these positions!  They really are some of the Best Positions for Women.

The Kama Sutra can take you to a higher level in your relationship. The focus is on the real Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian text for lovemaking, and how we can use that in our lives today. Learning the Best Sex Positions in Bed can be a new tool to use in your relationship if you want to try something different every once in a while.

The emphasis is on sensuality, and how to approach your lover in a new and different way, and may be try some things you haven’t tried before. The goal is to create something for yourself that evokes a sense of play… something that uplifts you with the sensation of a new way of being and relating to your partner…something that gives

You a real sense of yourself and your partner as “Sacred Beings”and lead you to look at your lover as your true beloved. You can learn how to play and open up the full dimension of your being as a sensual person, a sexual person, and a spiritual person.

The Modern Kama Sutra is about looking for ways to prepare yourself. It’s about looking for ways to be in harmony, and looking for ways to merge, or be in union, with your partner.

Remember that the Kama Sutra is different from what a lot of books and programs and workshops today teach about sex. The goal of the Kama Sutra is not orgasm! It is not a mechanical route to pleasure.The Kama Sutra is about exploring everything that you can experience together.

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