Sometimes you want to mix up your lovemaking routine and try something different.  There are so many resources you can check out for ideas and stories from other couples about their sexual escapades. A Sex Education DVD, or Online Sex DVD about fantasies can be a great place to start if you want to see other couples talk about and/or carry out their fantasies.

You can watch easy-to-try routines like the one this, from a man relating a story about his latest unforgettable evening with his wife:

“Margo was waiting to greet me at the door. She was wearing high heels,a lacy blouse, bra, garter belt, stockings and a big smile. She greeted me with a juicy passionate kiss. Talk about making a weary man come back to life!  A surge of energy returned to my body. She took my hand and told me to follow her... she had a special night planned.

She told me to get ready for a little show, because she had picked up a few new things on a shopping spree and wanted to model them. I pulled her onto my lap and honestly told her I liked what she had on now just fine… but she wiggled away from me and strolled off to the bedroom, leaving me there for a few minutes with my imagination running wild.

Margo returned wearing a red strapless teddy. Her breasts were spilling out the top and about to bust free any moment. Nothing but a lacy ruffle hid them from view. The legs were high-cut up to there, exposing her all the way to her waist. It made her thighs look extra curvy and inviting. I wanted to dive in to them then and there.

But Margo made me wait again. She said there was more to come, and pulled away from me, headed back for the bedroom.Once again my mind started racing.

Just when I was about to get up and join her in the bedroom, she strutted back toward me wearing a full-length black gown that was sheer on the bottom. The low-cut top accentuated her breasts and was pulled in snug around the middle.

 The skirt had a slit in the front that shot all the way up to her tiny waist. She did a spin, and the sheer fabric billowed out around her like a wispy black cloud. Twirling until she was right in front of me, she asked if I wanted to see more… but I couldn’t wait another moment.

I picked her up and laid her on the couch. Ripping off my pants I dove on top of her. She squealed with delight and pulled me tightly against her.

We had a pretty incredible love making session that night. And it was a cool switch-up being aroused by watching her get her clothes on, instead of off.”

This is just one small example of the sexy ideas you can get from Sex Education DVDs, or any Online Sex DVD that includes fantasies and role-play ideas for couples.



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