Nearly everyone wants to have sex. Actually, make that nearly all of the adult population. Unfortunately, boring sex can really put a strain on a relationship and there is a reason for this. While people want to have sex, they also crave something different. They want something that is going to blow their mind rather than the same old thing. Sex is something that you can be creative with and share with one another and no one else. If something awkward happens, then the two of you can laugh about it and use it as a learning experience that helps your relationship grow. If everything goes right, then you are still going to become closer.

10 Ways to Give Her the Wild Sex She Deserves

It’s the same old thing that is going to cause things to fall apart. For instance, women tend to complain about foreplay that is too short. Approximately 66 percent of men say that they wish women wouldn’t be too shy to initiate sex more often. In order to make this happen, a woman has to be coaxed out of her sexual shell. She has to be tempted, teased, and brought to a point where she has no choice but to be the initiator.

Make Sex More Interesting

What you need to do to get her out of her shell and give her the wild sex that she deserves it to instantly turn her on. Give her a deep kiss and then stop. Pull her up to you and press yourself tightly against her thigh and then pull away. You are letting her know you are open to what she is open to. You can then do the following to make the sex awesome:

  1. Cook for her. You can practically get to anyone with a five-course meal that takes some effort.
  2. Take her dancing at a place where you don’t necessarily have to dance well. Dancing well at one of these places could actually be an embarrassment. Instead, you can let loose and laugh.
  3. Go out on a date and “take her home.” Graze her thigh, have a make-out session in the car, and then ask her if she’d like to come back to “your place.”
  4. When in foreplay, follow her clues. In fact, try some “sensate focus,” which is where you touch everything but her genitals.
  5. Wake up a little earlier and whisper in her ear that she is beautiful. Bring her some OJ since it masks morning breath and have some pre-breakfast sex.
  6. Make the most of what you have with some slow-to-medium pace thrusting.
  7. Be gentle during oral sex. Most women complain that their partners are a little too rough. There is no need to flick and thrust.
  8. Make sex last longer by stimulating her in different ways when you feel that you are reaching the point of no return.
  9. Listen to her fantasies and do everything to make them come true.
  10. If she is willing to masturbate in front of you, simply watch and learn.

With these tips, you should have no problem getting her to break out of that shell she has been hiding in for so long.

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