Sharing a bed, closet, bathroom, kitchen, and opening up your personal space to your partner can sometimes make him or her feel more like a roommate than a lover. The line between the two is typically drawn in the bedroom. Unfortunately, there are many couples that make sex as mechanical as using the bathroom while the other brushes their teeth. There is nothing sensual about it, which can slowly extinguish the spark and that can lead to the demise of the relationship.

9 Sex Tips to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship

Reignite the Spark

It is time for you to put an end to the monotony and rekindle the relationship. In order to do that, you have to start with the bedroom. Here are 9 sex tips that will put that spark and excitement back into your life:

  • Literally sleep together. There is one thing that couples should do between the sheets to stay connected and that is to literally sleep together. Start out with a slow sex session where the two of you look into each other’s eyes and then take the opportunity to cuddle afterward rather than roll over and go your separate ways. Couples that cuddle for at least 10 minutes per day will feel much closer.
  • Keep wining and dining. Go out to a romantic dinner and end the night with a tumble in the sack.
  • Makeup sex can go a long way. Fight fair and end it with some togetherness. Sex is a great way to never go to bed mad.
  • Put on some sexy clothes that your partner loves and let them tear them off. Rather than stripping out of your sweats after a long day, take a moment to put something on that is a little see-through or tight.
  • While spontaneity is a major turn-on, life sometimes doesn’t allow that. Plan when you’d like to have your together time and let it take its course when it happens.
  • Use the bathroom as a bonding place. The bathroom can be a very intimate place. Add a little spice to the morning or evening routine.
  • Get a hotel or a cabin for one night for a change of scenery. A romantic environment is the best.
  • Surprise your partner by doing things that are out of the norm. If you do not normally dress in sexy lingerie or integrate sex toys into the bedroom, now is the time to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Splurge a little. Get some candles, edible underwear, sex toys, lingerie, massage oils, and anything else that you feel would bring a spark into the bedroom.

Follow these 9 tips and you will surely discover what will make your sex life tick again.

Photo source: Kamal Zarif Kamaludin



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