Sex doesn’t have to be boring. Because some have that attitude, they find that they don’t look forward to it as much as they used to. Fortunately, there are ways to ramp up your sex life a bit so that it doesn’t have to be the same old boring thing.

Super Hot Sex Tips to Start Trying Now!

                                  Unleash your inner rawwrr.


The first thing you need to do is tell your partner how bad you want him or her to help you make things better. Express your desire to step outside of the box and be adventurous together. Sometimes, couples find out that there is an inner sex beast that has been waiting to unleash itself for quite some time.

Release the Beast

When you want to have the best sex, sometimes actions as simple as a woman putting pillows under her backside before her man enters her can make a difference in the orgasm. Other times, a little preparation through oral sex will do the trick, especially if oral sex isn’t typically a part of your foreplay routine. The following are some more tips you can use:

  • Men are especially visual. A woman who keeps on her high heels while her guy does the deed is a woman who is going to be happy afterward.
  • Use the power of the text message to tease him and turn him on. Be creative.
  • Having sex against a wall can be very erotic. It gives that “I have to have you now” thrill. This can be tricky though, so he needs to be strong and you need to be flexible.
  • Take it slow. You can do some of the things you have always done, but a little bit slower. This gives you time to bond.
  • Take a shower together for a more intimate experience. This is a great time to relieve self-consciousness. If you are still self-conscious, you can flip the switch and light some candles for the right amount of lighting.
  • Watch a dirty movie beforehand so the two of you can get turned on. Then take it from the screen to real life.
  • Back rubs, body rubs, and foot rubs. At some point, you may be rolled over on your back and pounced.
  • When your guy is sitting in a chair, surprise him by straddling his lap and kissing him. Your clothes most likely won’t stay on for long.

To make these tips more exciting, try integrating one into the bedroom every time you have sex. Doing so will most likely keep things interesting by inspiring you to step outside your comfort zone more often.

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