Knowing a lady’s pleasure points can ensure she is sexually satisfied in foreplay and the sex act itself. At the same time, you are able to keep her riled and excited to the point that she is going to drive you wild in bed. Think about how feisty she gets when you really turn her on. Now imagine getting her that psyched every single time and how much that in itself turns you on.

10 Super Fun and Exciting Foreplay

Foreplay and Sex Tips to Try Tonight

If you really want to get her reeling in pleasure, then these are 10 foreplay and sex tips that you need to burn into your mind and use the next time the two of you are ready for some action:

  • Start off by massaging the full length of her legs. Start at her thighs and work down to her ankles. Massage her feet, knead her heels, and zero in on her toes. If she has impeccable hygiene and you want to suck her toes, go for it.
  • Find out what turns her on by simply asking her. Women appreciate when their partners work to please them.
  • If you boost foreplay quality, she won’t bug you about the quantity. If you are just going through the motions, she isn’t going to dig that so much. If you like her butt, kiss it. If you like her breasts, gently show them how much. You’re going to watch her get turned on with every kiss and stroke.
  • Don’t directly stimulate the clitoris because it can actually be painful. Rub the clitoral hood slowly and along the sides. When having oral sex, alternate between focusing on the clitoris and not focusing on it. The clitoris likes being teased.
  • While you’re down there, use the figure 8 technique because it gives the clitoris that tension building that it likes.
  • Oral sex from different angles may stimulate places that have never been stimulated.
  • Don’t neglect the roadblocks to the vagina. Even the labia has nerve endings that shouldn’t be ignored.
  • G-spot stimulation is the most effective when it is done by hand.
  • If you have a flat stomach, then she is not going to mind being a bottom so much. Show her the parts of yourself that really turn her on.
  • If you are worried about climaxing too early, be aware of what happens before you have an orgasm so that you do not get off too soon.

By doing these small things, you can do your sex life a lot of good. It really doesn’t take that much effort, so show her what you got the next time the two of you get under the sheets.

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