Chances are at some point in your adult life you have come across a rather ridiculous sex tip on the Internet and made the decision right then that you would never do that to your partner. Then again, you may have seen an unbelievable sex tip and decided to give it a try to integrate a little spontaneity and adventure into your sex life.

Unfortunately, some of the sex tips out there in Cyber Land are not exactly ideal. Some people realize this immediately and others don’t. Regardless of how aware you are, one of two things may result: you could laugh along with your partner in order to hide your embarrassment, or you realize that you have officially injected awkwardness into the relationship. Either way, it is best to avoid any off-the-wall sex tips at all costs if you wish to preserve your dignity. Then again, you may just roll with it and not care. At least you’ve added one more awkward thing to your bucket list, right?

5 Ridiculous Sex Tips to Avoid

Sex tips shouldn’t make you feel as awkward as this looks.

Avoid These Ridiculous Sex Tips

Here are some tips that you may or may not have already seen and a little truth sprinkled in to help you spice things up in the bedroom:

  • Hold your man’s penis in one hand and lightly slap it with the other or volley it back and forth a little with your hands for some quick movement that will perk him up – You have to ask yourself if you like this type of thing. If you’re a woman, do you like your breasts to be volleyed back and forth or tapped? You probably don’t. It is best to stick to old school “grab and stroke.”
  • Surprise your guy with some oral when he walks through the door – While some guys like this, others are appalled. If he has been to the gym or it was a little hotter than usual at work, he doesn’t want your face down there. Not many people want anyone’s face down there after a long day and no shower.
  • Tickle his feet with your nipples – Two things are going to happen: erotic boredom and a lot of head scratching because you do have to wonder how well nipples can tickle feet. Keep it topside because he’s going to have more pleasure having your breasts in his face.
  • If your vibrator batteries are dead, use your electric toothbrush – Have you ever compared the vibration of an electric toothbrush to the vibration of a vibrator? Unless you have an orgasm when you drive over a speed bump, that toothbrush will do nothing.
  • Integrate sloppy foods into the bedroom – Okay, licking chocolate, edible paints, and other flavored goodies off of each other can be fun, but something like honey may turn your bed sheet into a second layer of skin. That’s a fast way to put a halt to everything, so choose your body candy wisely.

 Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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