Many people have a lot of questions about how two women can satisfy each other sexually. Some question whether or not it is true sex and others want to know more so maybe they can learn something.

Woman to Woman Sex Secrets That Will Boost Your Sex Life

This is one of those situations where you can pick up a little something you may not have known before and apply it in the bedroom to your own situation. Below, you will find some of the secrets that make lesbian sex as good as it is and apply them to your own sex life.

Tips to Send You Over the Top

  • Mutual masturbation – Mutual masturbation and nothing else is the name of this game. You don’t have to have intercourse to have a good time. Everyone has places on their genitals that are more sensitive than others, so look for them and run with it.
  • You don’t have to thrust – Sure, a little hip thrusting is fine, but you are probably familiar with the term “screwing.” This term originated thousands of years ago because “screwing” is actually a figure-eight hip motion during intercourse. You can use this motion to stimulate all of the elusive hot spots during sex.
  • Toys can enhance sex – Go shopping together and find toys that you would like to play with. Some women benefit from simultaneous g-spot and clitoral stimulation. There are some toys that do just that.
  • Embrace the power of breast play – The breasts are very sensitive. When aroused, they become fuller and this means the erogenous spots become more responsive to touch. It is best to utilize soft touching and work from there to see what is the most stimulating. Going for it too rough right from the start can be a turnoff.
  • Kiss her more during sex – For women, kissing is the easiest and fastest turn-on. The Taoists say that kissing during sex completes the sexual energy circuit’s connection, allowing sexual energy to flow through both of you continuously. Women like to feel connection, which is why you will notice two women kissing a lot during a sexual encounter.
  • Oral sex rules – Some women can be self-conscious about their genitalia, so a little complimenting can go a long way in order to have a successful oral sex session. Perhaps an insensitive lover in the past put a damper on things or there is just a great deal of uncertainty. Oral sex is a powerful thing and one that any couple can enjoy.

From here, it is fair to let a woman climax at least once before intercourse. This can be the perfect setup for multiple orgasms.

Image source: Women’s Health Magazine

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