Every single day/night, there is someone somewhere in bed on their back going through what they feel is just another round of obligatory sex. While the three times per week quota can be important to meet, biding time until your partner finishes can put more of a damper on your relationship than just having sex once a week. Sometimes it is not as much about the quantity as it is the quality, which is why it is time to get off your back and take a more active role in the bedroom. Your sex life depends on it!

By taking a more active role, you are going to have a lot more fun. Rather than figuring out the month’s budget while waiting for your partner to grind away, count how many orgasms you and/or your partner have. This is what will make sex seem less obligatory and make it more exciting for both of you.

Why Being Assertive is So Important for Good Sex

Okay, maybe not that active.

Time to Get Freaky in Your Sex Life

Even if you have been with your partner for years, it is never too late to get freaky. You can show your partner that you still have some tricks up your sleeve, but it starts with communication. By communicating with your partner what you want and listening to what they want, you will have a better idea of what will light their proverbial fire. There is no shame in talking about what you want. Instead, the two of you can be more confident.

Secondly, start the foreplay in the morning, but don’t have sex until that night. This will get you both hot and bothered and ready to roll when the sun goes down. If you see each other throughout the day, a little teasing in passing creates even more anticipation.

Third, don’t hesitate to educate yourself through videos and other forms of media. There may be positions and other stimulating acts that may excite you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new; you just might like it.

Lastly, make it a point to have sex in different rooms in the house, if possible. There is something extremely kinky about sex on the couch or the kitchen table and a lot of couples enjoy it.

If being stretched out on your back while your partner does all of the work is what constitutes your comfort zone, step out of it. By not playing an active role, you are cheating yourself and your partner out of stimulating experiences that could have a positive impact on your relationship and your life in general. Research has even shown that satisfying sex leads to increased wages, so your financial well-being relies on it as well.

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