We could write a book on this topic but let’s just stick to the basics for today. Learning how to roleplay can dramatically enrich your sex life. Not only is it something new to try with your partner; it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. The potential is limitless. So get out your handcuffs, your thigh highs, or your feather duster and learn all about how playing pretend adds a new dimension to your time in the bedroom.

How to Roleplay in the Bedroom

Note: Don’t worry if you’re on a budget. You can easily pull together a fantasy look from items you already own. Or, you can just use your imagination. After all, isn’t that sort of the whole point?

Getting Ready to Roleplay

Make sure you decide on a theme before you start making out. That is, if you really want to indulge in a fantasy, talk it over with your partner first. You may need to purchase a costume or two, or at least assemble the parts from clothing and items around the house. Planning will allow you to prepare everything in advance so you’re not left scrambling in the moment.

You should also have a discussion about what’s off limits during your roleplay session, especially if you’ll be experimenting with BDSM. Come up with a safe word to let your partner know when enough is enough. Even if you’re not using bondage or anything else that could put one partner in a compromising position, it’s still a good idea to have a safe word in case something makes you uncomfortable.

In terms of what types of things you can role play? The sky’s the limit! Play cops and robbers. Bartender and patron. Teacher and student. Princess Leia and Han Solo. Seriously, anything that sounds fun and turns you on ought to do the trick. So long as you’re enjoying yourself, let loose and go wild!

Image Source: Nathanael Boehm



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