For some reason, a lot of people think sexual technique is ingrained. That is, we’re born with certain knowledge about sex and that’s all we need to be good at it. However, that’s just not true! While we are born with a biological desire to reproduce, technique is learned. And if you really want to satisfy your partner, you’ll need to boost your sexual communication skills.

5 Sexual Communication Tips

How to Improve Your Sexual Communication

You really only need to do a few things to improve your sexual communication. I’ve broken them down as follows:

Listen. If your partner tells you they want to talk or they offer up some insights as to what they enjoy in the bedroom, listen! Take note and try to meet their needs. You can’t improve anything if you aren’t willing to receive feedback or even criticism. But that’s no reason to be rude. If you’re the one giving feedback, be gentle in your phrasing.

Ask Questions. No, your rendezvous don’t need to feel like interrogation sessions but you can always ask questions like, “Does that feel good?” to encourage some feedback.

Be Honest. Of course, the above won’t work unless you’re honest with one another. Come to an agreement before you get into a sexual situation that you will give each other real feedback in the moment. If your partner says something isn’t working for them, you can try something new. And isn’t that the whole point? To have fun better learning each other’s bodies? To learn to please each other completely and totally?

It’s only through open sexual communication that you can make this possible, however. So get to it!

Image Source: Rupert Ganzer


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