Whether you’re in a committed relationship or dating, one thing remains for certain: you’re definitely a couple when between the sheets. And when it’s time to get down and dirty, keeping things exciting is essential.

loving sex helps couples get closer

Here are five ways Loving Sex programs from The Alexander Institute help couples get closer, more intimate, and have better sex:

Reignite Passion

Our programs act as a reminder to make an effort to regain the passion you once had or build it from scratch. This means setting aside time to make love and enjoy each other. Scheduling your rendezvous can give you enough time explore each other’s bodies through massage. Plus, it always ensures enough time is dedicated to foreplay, so you both enjoy the experience.

Make Sex a Priority

As mentioned above, watching our DVDs gives you an excuse to get intimate. What do I mean by that? I mean that you’ll have a program to watch and follow in your hot little hands. Yes, the dishes need washing and you could always devote a little more time to work, but with a Loving Sex program in your home, you have no reason not to pencil in a little time to become an expert lover.

Seducing Each Other is the Norm

Once you’ve picked a program (and a time to watch it together), you’ll find it much easier to “get in the mood.” That is, sex will be on your mind all day, from the moment you wake up until you’re in each other’s arms at night. Knowing you’ll get intimate soon is its own kind of mutual seduction.

Learn Something New Together

With our DVD series, there’s no excuse for not being more adventurous in bed (or off the bed, for that matter). Whatever you’ve always wanted to try, now is the time, from bondage to swinging.

Expand Your Current Sexual Skills

Who couldn’t hone their sexual skill set just a bit more? Even if you’re great at giving head and know your way around doggy style, you can always learn new skills to enhance your love life. Brush up on some oral sex basics or tack on some additional sexual positions to your repertoire.

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