Men can be vocal in the bedroom because they want what they want, but there are some things that they may not be so vocal about, such as the “kinds” of sex that they want to have. Sometimes they go into it and go with the flow, but in the back of their minds they are craving a little something more.

Kinds of Sex Your Man Craves But Doesn’t Tell You About

So if you think your man’s carnal code has been cracked, you may not really know what his lusty leanings really are. You may have known long ago, but stress levels, hormones, and even the time of day can affect what he wants.

Wow Your Guy in the Sack

To know exactly what your man wants, look for mood clues. For instance, after a game of football with his buddies he may be in the mood for something wild and rough. If he won his game, he is really going to be ready to celebrate.

Here are some kinds of sex he may be craving and the clues that will let you know what to give him:

  • Animalistic – This is the type to give him when he’s revved up after physical activity or just a great day. He may even want to start his day off with a primal roll in the sack. To get started, strip off your clothes and tease him a little. Don’t let him touch you until he is obviously turned on. Let him be vocal about how he is feeling and what he is seeing.
  • Sensual – Men like to be touched during sex although they may not say it. This maintains the emotional closeness. If a man experiences something new or unusual during his day or he is just being super affectionate, this is the type of sex that he is obviously craving. Take some time slowly touching him, slowly kissing him, and just roll right into it. Gaze into his eyes and take your time.
  • Low-maintenance sex – If he has had a stressful day at work, has been dealing with bills, or is plain tired all of the time because life has been taking its toll, he may only desire sex that requires him to unzip his fly and that’s it. By you doing all of the work so he can relax, you are helping him release some of his anxiety. He’ll like watching you pleasure him and will like it more if he sees you enjoying it.

Simply pay attention to your man’s moods and you’ll have no problem figuring out what kind of sex he wants. In the end, his world will be rocked and so will yours.

Image source: Jeff Belmonte

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