Tired of having sex in bed with the lights off? It’s time to spice things up. We’ve put together a hot little list of the 6 best new places to get busy, so at the very least, you’ll have a story to tell about your next sexual rendezvous.

Getting Out of the Bedroom: 6 New Places to Get Busy

6 Places to Get Busy Outside the Bedroom

In the Kitchen. Next to the fridge, to be specific. Not only will you enjoy the cool blast of air as you get busy, but you’ll also have some tasty treats at arm’s length to add to your lovemaking. Yum!

In a Field. If you’re driving across open country, you can always pull over and have a quickie in the tall grass. It should cover you enough for some privacy but play to any exhibitionist streaks you may have.

On a Beanbag Chair. Hear me out on this one. A beanbag chair is typically something found in a dorm room but it can add a playful element to your sex life. Plus, the chair conforms to your body so it can provide some nice support for any interesting sexual positions you’d like to try.

On the Hood of Your Car. You’re going to need some balance for this one, and a relatively flat car hood, but it can be quite exciting. Think about it: people pull over to get busy in the backseat of cars all the time. Why not crank it up a notch and do it in the open air? It’ll be hot and romantic at the same time.

Upstairs During the Holidays. Take a break from family time and slip away with your significant other. Go into a guest bathroom, bedroom, or closet to fit in a quickie before refilling on eggnog.

In an Elevator. A freight elevator is going to be your better option here because you can usually stop it between floors (which means more sexy time for you) without setting off an alarm.

Image Source: Brent Theodore Peiser

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