Full of cock, I was only half aware that the blond guy was pulling over the upholstered bench from the foot of the king-sized bed. He shoved it by the window. Rick carried me to it and lowered himself down so I was on his lap. He lay back.

“Ride me, whore,” he ordered, and I did, letting his cock slide in and out its ten-inch length. “Whose cock do you want, Anna?” he asked.

I saw the other two guys standing near the window, waiting. The blond guy was squeezing his cock. The black guy was stroking his. My eyes fixed on the black guy’s cock.

Rick saw where I was looking and laughed. “You want the big cock in your ass, whore?” he said.

I blushed, but I looked him in the eyes. “I want the big one in my ass, master,” I groaned as I rode his cock.

“You heard the whore,” Rick said, and the black guy smiled.

He came around me and leaned over so he could lick my tight butthole. I was so wet from the cunnilingus that my ass was slick and ready. He worked his tongue inside. That made me buck on Rick’s cock like a wild woman.

“You like that, whore?” Rick grunted.

“Yes, master,” I groaned.

“Tell him what you want, whore,” Rick ordered.

“I want you to fuck my tight ass, please,” I groaned, looking back at the black guy.

He came up from my ass and, pulling me by the hair, kissed me. I pulled him tight so our mouths smashed together almost painfully. He grabbed my tits in his strong hands and squeezed them, pinching my hard nipples between his fingers.

I moaned with pleasure as Rick thrust his ten-inch throbbing fuck baton deep inside me.

“You want my big cock, whore?” the black guy growled when we broke apart.

“Yes, please. Fuck my ass, please,” I moaned wantonly.

And he grabbed my hips. “If you want that dick, get it in that ass, whore,” he ordered.

“Yes, please,” I groaned, and I grabbed that two-inch thick man-shaft and pushed the head against my tight, puckered hole.

I worked his cock inside my muscled ring. As soon as the head of his cock breached my two-ringed hole, he savagely thrust himself all the way to the hilt, and Rick did the same. I screamed. It burned, as if my ass was on fire, but the pain was also pleasure, and I didn’t want them to stop.

 “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I screamed like a mantra.

The black guy was pulling my hair like the reins of a horse as he rode me. Then Rick slapped me, and I snarled at him like an animal.

“You like that, whore?” Rick grunted, as the two man pistons pulled out of my holes in unison and then savagely thrust back inside my thrumming body.

It felt like they were splitting me in two, and I screamed again, but now it was true carnal bliss. It was as if my body was a new thing that was discovering that pleasure and pain could intertwine, mingled, to create heaven. The fucking was scratching an itch I never knew I had. Filling a hunger that had never been filled before.

“Use your fucking whore, boys,” I screamed, bucking and writhing like the whore I was.

I leaned my body into Rick’s, my nipples pressed against his hard chest, and I bit his shoulder.

“I think the bitch’s husband heard that,” the blond guy said.

I looked up, remembering there was a world outside of my pleasure and pain, and saw Vic outside. He was coming toward the house. He had a curious look on his face. Then the two cocks servicing me were ripped out of my depths and mercilessly thrust back inside, tickling my nerves with agonizing sensation, and I stopped caring about Vic, about anything, but the feelings surging through my body. I was nothing but over-stimulated nerve endings making an electrical storm in my brain.

“We should do something to stop the whore from screaming,” the black guy said.

“Get over here.” Rick motioned to the blond guy, without stopping his thrusting.

“Fuck me, master,” I panted like a dog.