“Fuck you, guys,” the black guy growled. “It’s always like this.”

Rick and the blond guy laughed. The black guy grabbed me by the middle and pulled me up off the blond guy’s cock. It came out of my mouth with a loud slurp, and I was being flipped in the air like I was a doll. Before I knew it, I was upside down with my pussy up and my head down. The black guy’s big dick was in my face, so I did what a whore does. I started sucking. The black guy buried his face in my cunt, licking like a doggie. I grabbed his firm ass and did my best to take in the length of his huge cock.

“There you go,” I heard Rick say. “Make her your whore.”

And then someone was licking my asshole. I writhed, trying to concentrate on the hard cock I was swallowing instead of the tongues working my hot holes.

So I was finished with the no hands thing, unless my master told me differently. I got one hand on the black guy’s thick shaft, and the other I worked past his balls till I was rubbing his asshole with my thumb. He squatted a little to give my finger more room, and I slid my thumb into his butt. He moaned and stopped licking my cunt.

I worked the head of his cock in my mouth, slobbering everywhere, stroked his thick shaft, and fingered his asshole, while someone was eating my tight little butt. This was too much for the black guy. His balls pulled closer to his body, and the head of his cock swelled. I took him in my mouth just in time to swallow his load as his throbbing cock sent gouts of cum down my throat. I sucked up every drop before I was pulled away and flipped around again.

This time Rick had me, and he wasn’t letting me go.

“You’re my whore, Anna,” he said, kissing me.

Our tongues danced.

“Yes, master,” I said when we disengaged.

He held me around the middle with one arm and grabbed my ass with his other hand. Like a pro he maneuvered me so that the head of his massive member was at the entrance of my secret wet spot.

“Are you ready for me, whore?” he hissed.

“Ready and waiting, master,” I breathed, and he slid that massive meat in my aching pussy.

I hissed with pleasure, and he slammed his meat all the way to my womb. He was bigger than any of my dildos, and he was filling me up.

“Fuck me, master,” I moaned, grinding my hips into him.

“Fuck, you’re a tight whore,” he gasped, and he got both hands on my ass.

“You’re so fucking big, master,” I groaned as his cock thrust in and out of my sloppy pussy.

Rick grunted, we kissed, then he walked me back until he was pushing me against the glass window where he pounded me.

“Your husband’s right there,” he groaned.

I turned my head and saw Vic outside on the grass.

“I don’t fucking care, master,” I groaned.

Rick pounded me against the glass. I saw Vic turn toward us, and I could almost swear that our eyes met, but I knew he couldn’t see me through the one-way glass. Anyway, right then, with that enormous dick splitting my pussy, I didn’t care. I didn’t care if Vic saw me. I didn’t care if anyone saw me, just as long as Rick kept fucking me.

“You like fucking with your husband right there, whore?” he growled into my ear.

“I do, master,” I groaned.

“You want to fuck two guys while your husband’s right there, whore?” he growled.

“Anything for you, master,” I moaned.

“Do you want a dick in that tight ass, whore?” he hissed.

“Please, please, fill me up, master,” I moaned. “Treat me like a whore.”

He pulled me up and carried me like I weighed nothing. I wrapped by legs around him and rode him.

“Grab that bench,” he said, without even stopping his thrusting. I was nothing but a fuck toy in his hands.