And that was enough for them. Their hands were suddenly all over me, grabbing my breasts, pinching my nipples, cupping my mound. Rick held my hips, and I rode his cock, letting it slip over my mound. He grunted. My bikini top was ripped off, and the thong practically disintegrated in their strong hands. I stood there, letting them touch me, and I thought that this was how it was going to be. They were so young, they couldn’t wait. They would ravish me, and it would be over.

But I didn’t want a fast fucking. I got that with Vic.

Then the hands were gone. Even Rick pulled away. With the hands gone, I suddenly felt naked.

“Open your eyes, Anna,” Rick ordered. His playful voice was gone. This was the voice of a man.

I opened my eyes. They were standing about an arm’s length away, watching me. I turned to face Rick. His rock-hard cock was slick with my juice.

“Get on your knees, Anna,” he ordered.

“My knees?” I whispered.

Rick leaned forward and slapped me. It happened so fast I couldn’t even move. It wasn’t hard. It didn’t even hurt. But it got my attention and made my heart beat so hard, it nearly hurt.

“Get on your knees, whore,” he ordered.

Whore. That was me.

I dropped to my knees and crawled to him.

“Suck it,” he ordered, waving his huge cock at me.

I reached out, and he slapped me again.

“No hands, whore,” he snapped.

“Yes, master,” I moaned, not even thinking what I was saying, and I leaned forward and caught his cock in my lips. It was so thick, it was hard to get my mouth around it.

“Look at me, whore,” he said.

I looked up into his eyes.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“Yes, I do,” I said, stopping the sucking, and he slapped me again.

“Did I tell you to stop?” he said.

I shook my head and took him back in my mouth.

“Don’t forget us, slut,” the blond guy barked.

He and the black guy were on either side of me, their dicks poking at my face. I reached up to grab their cocks, but Rick slapped my hand.

“No hands, whore,” he said.

He grabbed my head and started fucking my face, thrusting his cock deep in my mouth till I gagged.

“You can suck cock, Anna,” he moaned, pulling out his cock and thrusting it back in.

“Why don’t you share the whore?” the blond complained.

“You want some?” Rick asked.

“Fuck, yeah,” the blond said.

Rick pulled out of my mouth and turned my head to the blond, and his seven-inch cock slid into my mouth and down my throat. Rick held my head and pushed me down till my nose was pressed into the blond thatch of pubic hair.

“Fuck,” the blond moaned.

I gagged, and Rick let go of my head. I pulled back and gulped air. Then the blond guy started fucking my mouth, and Rick rubbed the head of his cock on my cheek. I was being treated like a whore, and it was driving me wild. I sucked and fingered my swollen clit.

“Swallow me, whore,” the blond guy grunted as I deep-throated his cock.