I jumped and pulled my hand away from my pussy, as if I had been caught fucking by my parents. I spun around. Rick was standing at the bedroom door, looking at me and smiling.

“Rick, what are you doing here?” I gasped.

“I saw you come inside,” he said.

“I was just…” I started, but what was I going to say? That I had come inside to masturbate because I needed some dick? Your dick?

“I know what you’re doing,” he said, and he was stroking the bulge in those tight shorts.

The massive bulge!


“You do?” I gasped, unable to take my eyes off his trunks.

I was shaking, and my pussy was throbbing. Rick was here, and I could see what he wanted. Me!

“I know what you need,” he said, and he walked into the room, pushing down his trunks.

His huge cock sprung up. It was easily twice the size of Vic’s dick. Looking at it, I wanted to break out into the happy dick song.

He was going to give me what I needed. Yes!

Then another boy came into the room. He was an inch or two shorter than Rick’s six two. He was black, clean cut, and already naked. His huge dick—not as big as Rick’s, but it had to be nine inches—was throbbing as he stroked it. He was looking at me with hungry dark eyes. Another boy followed him. This one was blond and Hollywood good-looking. He was the shortest, less than six feet, and his exposed cock was a respectable seven inches. The three boys looked at me.

Oh boy!

My heart was thrumming.

“What’s going on, Rick?” I said, making an effort to look at his eyes and not at his ginormous dick.

He shrugged his powerful shoulders. “We thought you might want to have fun, Anna,” he said.

“What kind of fun do you have in mind?” I asked.

It was stupid question. Three hard dicks proclaimed quite clearly what they wanted to do, and they wanted to do it to me.

“The same kind you want, Anna,” he said.

“I think I should go back to the party,” I said, walking past Rick.

The other boys moved out of the way.

“I just thought from the way you were fingering yourself earlier and the way you came watching me the other day that you wanted something more,” Rick said.

I stopped. They were all so close.

“How old are you, boys?” I asked.

“We’re all eighteen, Anna,” Rick said.

“You know my husband’s right outside,” I said.

“I know,” Rick said.

I licked my lips. My mouth was dry. My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute. I was suddenly scared, but these boys weren’t going to rape me. They weren’t going to do anything, unless I let them, but it was how much I wanted to let them do things to me that was scaring me.

“Do you really want to go, Anna?” Rick asked, sliding so close behind me that his cock brushed my ass.

I let out a whimper.

This was when I should have used my thinking brain and said, You bet I do, but I wasn’t thinking, at least not with my head. All I could see were the strong, young, beautiful bodies so close to me. I looked down at the black guy’s cock, and the head was swelling as he stroked the shaft. I was so hot. I couldn’t take it anymore. It felt as if I was going crazy.

“No,” I whispered.

“What do you want?” Rick asked.

“I want you to give me what I need,” I whispered.

Rick took me by the waist and pressed against my back, his massive cock sliding between my legs and rubbing over my wet slit.

“You want to be our whore, Anna?” he whispered in my ear.

His breath sent shivers down my spine. I squeezed my legs around his cock. I leaned back into him and closed my eyes. His body felt so right pressed against mine.

“Make me your whore,” I hissed.