The pressure of the two enormous cocks filling my pussy and asshole was divine torture. The rubbing through the walls of my sex was a revelation of pleasure.

“Suck that dick, whore,” Rick ordered, as the blond guy grabbed a handful of my hair and thrust his dick at me.

I sucked the hard cock eagerly and gagged on it. I stopped screaming and started sloppy sucking and grunting. The blond guy had a hand in my hair and was moving my head with his thrusts as he fucked my mouth. The black guy squeezed and pinched my tits. Rick’s strong hands were on my hips. And I was connected to all of them through the thrusting dicks and our overriding lust.

Rick and the black guy changed their rhythm so that when one pulled out the other pushed in. The crisscrossed sliding pressure between my vaginal walls and my ass canal was too much. I started to shudder and shake.

“The whore’s about to cum,” Rick grunted.

“Me, too,” the black guy said.

“Fill her up,” the blond guy laughed.

I grunted. My mouth was too full to demand their cum, but my body did my demanding. I sucked the cock all the way down my throat, and my pussy and ass tightened. I was going to squeeze the cum out of them.

I wanted it.

I needed it.

The blond guy came first, shooting what felt like gallons of cum down my throat. I sucked and suck up every last drop. Then my orgasm—multi-gasms—took me like a cum tide. My pussy, my ass, my body convulsed as ecstasy crackled between the points of pleasure and careened from head to toe.

Then the black guy slammed his huge dick all the way up my asshole, and I felt the hot cum shoot into me like hot liquid pleasure. Then Rick grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the dick I was still sucking and kissed me, just as he shot his load into my waiting pussy.

We kissed as the two dicks worked in and out of my holes in slow motion. My body shuddered with every movement.

It felt endless.

Then it was done, and they pulled out of me.

My body ached and throbbed without the dicks. It felt like I was missing something. I wanted more but, with the dicks not controlling me, I knew it was time to end this.

“You boys should go,” I said, lying on Rick’s broad chest and panting.

“Probably,” Rick said.

And we untangled. I sat on the bench while they pulled on their shorts. I looked at their beautiful bodies and gently fingered my tortured pussy.

“It looks like you want more, Anna,” Rick said, grinning, and his cock was hard again.

My pussy ached, but it wanted more, and so did I.

“I do, but there’s no time,” I said.

Outside the window it looked like the yard party was winding down.

“Too bad,” the black guy said, and he smiled.

That made my pulse go. He was as handsome as Rick, and his dick was beautiful.

“Maybe we can give you a little something before we go,” the blond guy said, stroking his cock.

“Like what?” I asked, looking at those hard dicks.

They walked toward me. I lay back, with my feet up on the bench, arching my back and rubbing my body.

“Show us how beautiful you are, Anna,” Rick said, standing over me.

I rubbed my hands up and down my body and moved my body in the ways I knew they would like, arching my back and opening my legs. They stared and stroked their cocks. I sucked my finger.

“You like this body?” I moaned.

They answered by stroking their cocks faster.

“You like using this body as your fuck toy?” I asked.

The three young men beat their cocks, their balls bouncing, and their eyes full of desire. Then the black guy burst, shooting cum on my stomach. I rubbed it down to my pussy. The blond guy came on my tits, and I rubbed his cum around. Then Rick—he would always cum last—shot his load in my face. I licked and slurped his seed.

Now it was over.